The AV Server

^ In goes the 750 Power. When he’s not running Rackmount Record’s, record label CEO, Hugo Glenwright is an outstanding programmer and AV Designer. To which end, we’ve brought him on board as a partner at VIAPERFORMANCE. Together, we’ve been building something pretty damned exciting. Working towards our top secret 2016 project, we’ve been designing, constructing […]

Storytelling, Touring and Research in Australia

That little mile-marker you see mid right; it’s the millionth sleeper (which they obviously didn’t lay) in the immense rail line connecting Adelaide, South Australia to Darwin, Northern Territories. Right now I’m on a research project for VIAPERFORMANCE, aboard the epic Ghan Train. I’m in Australia, working towards our next piece (which is currently top […]

At The British Library with Saul Williams

  We headed down to London yesterday for a meeting with motion graphics designer, Matt Derrick, then carried it over into our attendance of an unusual appearance of poet-performer and hip hop activist, Saul Williams, at The British Library. Matt joined us and we ended up dancing all night with Williams, who joined us on the floor […]

Building a Soundsystem for The Fleeting Arms

  We spent this afternoon pulling apart some of our old amps, cables, speakers and racks, mending them and putting them back together as a moving in present to our fellow York theatre company The Flanagan Collective, who are currently relocating into their community renovated, pop up pub and venue, The Fleeting Arms. It’s right on our doorstep, on Gillygate, […]

VIAPERFORMANCE in the studio with Rick Witter

So tonight we’re in the studio with Rick Witter of Shed Seven (above), for a live interview with Minster FM and Rick’s own Podcast. This post’s coming live from the studio (where I’m currently sat, waiting to go back on air). The whole thing’s come as a bit of a surprise (if a pleasant one). Off […]

LAUNCH DAY // Plus… Our New Kickstarter Campaign!

This post comes live from opening night! We’re having a fantastic night so far, with huge crowds and loads of audience interaction! Come on down and join us! To mark the opening night of our latest show at Illuminating York, we’ve also launched a new Kickstarter Campaign! We love public donations, but we want to give something back. So we’ve […]