VIAPERFORMANCE in the studio with Rick Witter


So tonight we’re in the studio with Rick Witter of Shed Seven (above), for a live interview with Minster FM and Rick’s own Podcast.

This post’s coming live from the studio (where I’m currently sat, waiting to go back on air). The whole thing’s come as a bit of a surprise (if a pleasant one). Off air, we’ve spent most of the evening getting to know one another whilst discussing coffee, tour buses and the best route to the Lake District. On air, we’ll be talking about music, festivals and touring theatre!


It’s a pleasure to be here with Rick. He’s a lovely bloke who invited us to do a radio interview after coming to see our work at Illuminate York. Tonight he’s interviewing me (above) about our work, the world of crowd-sourcing and arts funding, our creative direction as a company and what it’s like to be a touring dance, live music and theatre outfit in 2014.

Tune in if you want to hear. Rick’s also taking questions through Twitter.

Rick just described us as family friendly, but sounding like a dark disco and looking like an acid trip gone right (which he assures me is to be taken as a compliment). Nothing like a bit of Praise from Caeser!

Time to get back on the air though… We’ll upload a link to the interview as soon as it goes to Podcast.

Peace out!



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