Building a Soundsystem for The Fleeting Arms



We spent this afternoon pulling apart some of our old amps, cables, speakers and racks, mending them and putting them back together as a moving in present to our fellow York theatre company The Flanagan Collective, who are currently relocating into their community renovated, pop up pub and venue, The Fleeting Arms.

It’s right on our doorstep, on Gillygate, York. It’s looking vibrant and eclectic and we hope it brings some new work into the city!

VIAPERFORMANCE have been making obnoxiously loud music in York for the last five years, so, when everyone’s pitching in, it seems appropriate that we supply and install the sound-system. We had some help getting it over there (it’s fucking heavy, mate) from our friendly neighbours and collaborators, recording label Rack Mount Records.

There’s more info in this press release, and a shout out for VIAPERFORMANCE co-director Rich Wade’s other company, Four Shadows (who seem to have been interviewed whilst doing the paint job). Check it out!




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