Chocolate Making (with York Cocoa House)!


Today we took our cast for a phenomenological experience at York Cocoa House, who invited us as part of our work together on Illuminate York 2014.

We told the cast that they’d be doing something deadly serious. Turned out that they were making chocolate! For the artists out there, reading this, Susan Kozel has some cool things to say about phenomenology and dance in this online lecture…

Returning to our own work, we had a great time and created some truly weird and wonderful flavours, including but not limited to, rose and lemon, multifruit, standard mint (for the unadventurous), chilli and salt (which was made with gorgeous Chilli Jam, made here in York) and (the ever popular) “goblin” (best not to ask).

Everyone had a blast and (we hope) the cast learned a lot about chocolate at the hands of the wonderful folk over at York Cocoa House.

York Cocoa House will also be making 50,000 free chocolates to hand out during our run of Then chocolate it shall be… And we’re rather excited about that!



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