Workshop One…

Today the cast are busily meeting and greeting each other and we’re briefing them for the festival. Very excited to have them all here in our studio, ready to train.

This year we’re working with ten phenomenally dedicated, talented and committed dancer-performers.

Today’s luscious food is provided courtesy of Rich (who is actually a trained chef) (couscous salads, chocolates, crisps, fresh fruit juices, coffee, tea) and Phil, from Tarts and Titbits (Gillygate, York) (fresh backed Cheese and Chutney Bread as well as Spinnach and Mixed Seed Bread). If you haven’t been to the latter, we totally recommend it. It’s absolutely amazing in there. The bread is still cooling off!

Today’s agenda includes a whole lot of discussion, and a whole lot of dance work! Oh, and we’ve given the sat some stylish VIA bags. Because, no reason. Looks great though!


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